Who to contact

Who can I contact about my pension plan?

Pension Plan contacts

Every occupational pension plan (Defined Contribution (DC), Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) and Defined Benefit Plans (DB) appoints Trustees to oversee the running of the pension plan and make sure your interests are protected at all times.

The name and contact details of the pension plan contact and the Trustees are listed in your 'Member Schedule' or 'Member Guide’/ 'Member Booklet' which is issued when you join the pension plan. You can also find the contact details for your pension plan in your annual benefit statements (DC, AVC, DB plans) or online in Pension Planet Interactive www.pensionplanetinteractive.ie/  in the “Scheme Details” section (for DC and AVC Plans).

If you have any queries you should talk to either your HR manager or the plan contact person, who acts on behalf of the Trustees.

PRSA and PRB contacts

If you are a PRSA customer (Personal Retirement Savings Account) or a PRB customer (Personal Retirement Bond) please contact your financial advisor or Irish Life Corporate Business.

Financial advisor contact

Many schemes also have an appointed independent financial advisor who looks after queries on the pension plan. Please contact your HR manager or your plan contact person to get details of your plan’s financial advisor. You can also find the contacts for your financial advisor in Pension Planet Interactive (for DC and AVC Plans).

Corporate Business Irish Life contacts

  • For any queries phone us on 01 704 2000 or email Happytohelp@irishlife.ie
  • Our postal address is: Irish Life Corporate Business, Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1
  • You can contact Sales Support and the Client Services team on phone 01 704 2000 or email Happytohelp@irishlife.ie
  • For queries about your Personal Retirement Bond contact the PRB team on phone 01 704 1848.

Contact information for complaints

Irish Life Corporate Business has a complaints charter which sets out the contact details and steps for a complaint.

You can download the complaints charter here.