Defined Contribution (DC) New Entrant Application Form Checklist

To add new members to a pension scheme we need a full set of information about the new member. To avoid delays, all the data needs to be included on the application forms. We have noticed an increase in missing information on new entrants being submitted for DC schemes, so we have created a quick checklist to help you submit all data.

What are the concerns?
  • Potential financial loss to members due to Irish Life being unable to invest contributions
  • Missing information not being received and members not being added
  • Customers are not aware of all the information that is required to set up a new entrant
 What can you do?
  • In order support the new entrant process, we have created a new entrant checklist to assist you when completing an application form, this should be referred to before submitting forms to ensure all relevant information is received.
 Where do you find the checklist?
The checklist is available in the Document Download Centre of our website and will also be sent as a reminder when we receive incomplete forms.
What's next?
  • Download the form and share it. If you have any questions please contact your Irish Life Corporate Business account manager.
Let us know what you think?
  • We hope you find the checklist useful and we welcome any feedback you may have.