Sustainability Disclosures

Responsible Investing (RI) is a now major area of focus for investment managers. Irish Life Investment Managers (ILIM) have incorporated RI into our investment philosophy with our EMPOWER and MAPS range of funds to ensure that the companies in which we invest have sustainable practices that will promote favourable long-term outcomes for the companies, the funds and ultimately planet Earth!  

Two recent pieces of legislation have been enacted which increase the onus on providers and Trustees in disclosing how they have regard to RI practices when managing their investments. These are

  • the Shareholders Rights Directive (SRDII), and
  • the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulations (SFDR).

Irish Life are adopting a principles-based approach to these to ensure that we meet the requirements involved.  

As required under SFDR we have updated our website with an explanation of how Irish Life takes account of sustainability risks in investment decisions relating to saving, investment and pension products.     

Click here for the Irish Life Assurance Sustainability Disclosure 

Irish Life Assurance relies on its investment managers to ensure that where appropriate sustainability risks are considered when making investment decision.   

Responsible Investing continues to be a key focus for ILIM. Currently ILIM have over €25 billion in Responsibly Managed Assets Under Management. Almost 50% of Assets Under Management form part of their Active Ownership Program. (source ILIM)

Further Information

  • In relation to SRDII requirements ILIM have enhanced their website to support additional disclosures that may be required. This includes public disclosure of ILIM's Voting and Engagement Policies that they as an asset manager undertake on behalf of their clients, a SRDII Client Disclosure and a Responsible Investment Annual Review. Details of ILIM’s approach to Responsible Investing, reports, disclosures and policies are available on 

In relation to SFDR requirements and the upcoming IORPS II requirements, Irish Life will be updating our member booklets and fund factsheets in future to set out how we incorporate Sustainable Risks into our investments.

Where a scheme has a Statement of Investment Policy Principles, we can on request provide wording that reflects our approach to these sustainability policies.

Irish Life will continue to ensure that you have the supports to meet any regulatory requirements that arise in this evolving area.