Research highlights the frequency of smartphone usage in Ireland
  • 90% of Irish adults own a smartphone.  As well as to make calls, most people use their phones to check emails (87%), social media (71%) and news/weather (67%)*
  • 28% of people check their phone all day everyday*
  • 79% of Irish people check their phones using public transport*
  • 12% of people admitted to checking their phones while driving*

Recent research* conducted by Irish Life gives an insight into the ownership of smartphones in Ireland. The research showed that nearly all Irish adults (90%) own a smartphone, with the top three uses including checking emails (87%), social media (71%) and news/ weather (67%). Other uses for the smartphone include online banking (50%), shopping online (42%) and paying bills (32%). 
The research shows how most Irish adults largely depend on their smartphones every day. Irish Life has developed an app to make their customers lives easier when it comes to managing their pension savings using their smartphone.
The research also found that Irish people mostly check their phones when they have a spare minute throughout the day. While for others, checking their mobile has turned into a routine habit with 28% of people checking their phone all day every day and a further 43% of people checking their phone last thing at night. 
Most Irish people check their phone up to 10 times a day, highest among older 55+ adults. Twice as many men (34%) as women (17%) stand out as frequent users, checking their phones 41+ times a day. 
The majority of Irish people (79%) check their phones while using public transport. Second most common places are at work and when out and about meeting friends (both at 70%).  A further 34% check their smartphone while on a plane with 30% checking their phone in the cinema. Alarmingly, 12% of people admitted to checking their phone while driving**. 
Commenting on the launch of the app, Tony Lawless, Managing Director, Irish Life Corporate Business, said; “In a world where people engage so frequently with their smartphone, it is important that they can also engage with their plans for the future.  Our app makes pension plans more accessible to our customers and allows them to understand what they can expect from their pension, ensure that they have a plan for retirement and keep track of that plan.”
Some of the key features of the ‘Irish Life EMPOWER’ app allow customers to check the current value of their pension fund and details of the pension funds that they are currently invested in. The app includes additional information in relation to customers’ pension funds such as the risk rating, fund description and performance, and calculates the likely impact of any change in contributions, salary or retirement date on their annual pension. 
The app is designed to help people who have joined their pension scheme at work plan for their retirement. It will also help customers to stay up to date with the progress of their pension and offers lots of useful information about their plan and investment details.
Android users can download ‘Irish Life EMPOWER’ from the Google Play Store and iPhone users can download the app from the Apple Store.
For more information on ‘Irish Life EMPOWER’, please visit: 
* The research was conducted by iReach on behalf of Irish Life in March 2017. The total sample of 1,001 adults surveyed is representative of the national population in Ireland.
**This statistic was calculated by iReach. Irish Life does not condone people using their mobile phones while driving. 
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