Launching new online service to support retirement planning

Launching new online service to support retirement planning

Retirement is a significant milestone for everyone.  We know that members of company pension plans need all they help they can get to prepare for this important step in their lives. So we are delighted to launch our new online “Retirement Planning” centre from within the Irish Life Corporate Business website:

Who is the Retirement planning centre for?

The new Retirement Planning centre is aimed at members of Defined Contribution pension plans who are 10 years to one year away from retirement. It offers a wide range of support and tools to help members with their retirement planning, both financially and also in terms of changes in their day-to-day life.

Our online centre aims to help inform and educate people of these changes in an interactive way and give some actions to follow up on as they approach retirement.

New member videos

We developed two new videos to explain

  •  Last Minute Additional Voluntary Contributions
  •  The State Pension and your income at retirement

Countdown Planning Tool

Tailored to the amount of years that a member has left until their retirement date, this tool provides some questions to help members start thinking about some actions they may need to take as they approach retirement. Try it out for yourself - you can check off the items you have already completed and see what actions are left to take in the various pre-retirement bands. And if you’ve completed all the sections in your current stage, you could even have a look at the next category to find out what else to do in the next stage of your retirement planning.

Budget Planner Tool

Many people wonder how much money they will need in retirement to fund their desired lifestyle. Our Budget Planner allows you to select from different items you know you will spend money on in retirement such as household, health and leisure costs. The tool should help you to see how much these things may end up costing and what sort of income you might need in retirement to maintain these costs. We have based our figures on a number of assumptions, for an individual, which can be adjusted if required.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Everybody approaching retirement has lots of questions, ranging from “what are my options at retirement?” to “what are the State Pension entitlements and other State benefits?” to “how to look after your spouse and dependants after you stop working?” In our FAQ section we aim to provide comprehensive answers to the questions we are most often asked. 

Check it out for yourself

Why not start exploring the new Retirement planning centre now and see how you can benefit from this new service: