Embracing Investments - Podcast

Welcome to the Irish Life podcast series, Embracing Investments.

This is a regular series of conversations with key decision makers at Irish Life Investment Managers (ILIM) who will share their thoughts and insights on various investment related subjects.

Episode Six

In this episode Aoibheann Treacy Head of Retail in ILIM, along with the CEO of ILIM, Patrick Burke, and Deputy CIO of ILIM, Anthony MacGuinness, give their insights and thoughts on where we are now and what may lie ahead for a mid-year outlook and reflection.

Episode Five

In this episode Niall O’Leary, who is Irish Life Investment Managers (ILIM) Head of Bonds and Chief Strategist share’s his thoughts on the performance of markets to date, the trends in Coronavirus global case count, as well as how markets are interpreting the level of government support and finally, what happens if there is a change in US president later this year.

Episode Four

In this episode Brendan O’ Regan, who is Irish Life Investment Managers Head of Property Fund Management gives us his thoughts on property as an investment, insights into the managing property as an investment and the outlook for existing property in 2020.

Episode Three

In this episode we explore 3 things investors should do a in a crisis, featuring Anthony MacGuinness, who is Irish Life Investment Manager’s Deputy Chief Investment Officer.

As coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in the lives of people across the globe, stock markets have shown that they too lacked any immunity from the disease and were severely impacted, falling further and faster in a period of a few weeks, than at any time in history.  Anthony gives us his thoughts on managing investments in situations like this, whether it is €20,000 or €20 million, and looks at some of the pitfalls that he and his team look to avoid.

Episode Two

In this edition, we interview Darragh O'Dowd who is Head of Portfolio Solutions and part of a wider team of experienced fund managers who look at investment strategies behind Irish Life’s range of EMPOWER Growth funds offered in your pension savings plan.

Episode One

Listen to investment advice from Lenny McLoughlin, Chief Economist with Irish Life's Investment Managers who discusses Covid-19, the impact it is having on growth and when we might see some light at the end of the tunnel.